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Carmenita Peoples

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The role of my various art forms is to educate, uplift, and call to action. In most places around the world, descendants and immigrants of the Continent of Africa are marginalized based exclusively on their skin tone. Performing and teaching this cultural art form is a way to help protect my life and the lives of others from the African Diaspora. It helps to dispel stereotypes, uplift and creates safe spaces in which to simply exist with the confidence of knowing that we have a right to be here. With historical relevance, humor, music, and song, I strive to show the universal commonalities shared in this human experience we call life.  


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Youth Programs 

The art of storytelling provides a rock-solid foundation for young readers that will stay with them for a lifetime. As a writer and educator, I foster awe and wonder so children form habits of daily reading, exploration, and adventure. The goal for education is creating lifelong learners.  

When I think about the power of storytelling to connect and guide people, I want everyone to feel comfortable in telling their stories. My 15 years of experience as an educator have fostered a desire to afford our students an edge that supersedes core regulatory requirements and speaks to the whole child.  

Let me guide your child on a personal journey of self-acceptance, authenticity, and passion. Considering multiple teaching methods, my innovative programming is rich from an artistic, educational, and financial perspective. 

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Support Your Child's Genius


Tell Your Story

Grades 1-4

Is your child challenged with reading? Give your lower elementary students innovative support in Language Arts. We focus on the four pillars: 

Reading Comprehension




Lessons engage their imagination and curiousity. Students gain more confidence becoming strong readers and writers in these 8 week sessions. 



Middle School

Pubescence is a unique season that forces the change from childhood to not yet full adulthood. Get answers to what is happening in their minds and bodies? This interactive program provides middle school students with the opportunity to enhance their life skills. Lessons in responsibility and resilience reinforce thoughtful, purposeful movement. Students gain a deeper respect and understanding of themselves, their families, and the world around them in the 6-week sessions.


Lead From Within

High School

Let us prepare your high school student for REAL LIFE! This program gives 10th, 11th and 12th grade students tools for mastering emotions, habits of successful leadership, and life after high school. We share resources and strategies for goal setting, networking and negotiation, and the power of exploring options. We help the students dream BIG and move toward their goals CONFIDENTLY! (6 week sessions) 

*Students spend 8 weeks virtually or onsite: learning and practicing concepts while gaining interpersonal and social skills as world citizens.

Adult Programs 

You are doing the work, now it is time for you to take a break with some fun and frolic! Remember how much fun you had as a child, no inhibitions or hang-ups?

Great for educational, social, and corporate groups. Let’s make a playdate!

         Cultural Intimacy: Let’s Do More Than Talk

A unique adult experience where we share cultural insights, role-play, and create paths to greater human understanding. There is currency in diversity! This workshop is interactive, safe, and challenges current perspectives and stereotypes.

Mingle, Move, Mate

An evening of networking with instructional chess. You and your guests will practice games while enjoying complimentary wine*. This is a wonderful social gathering where people feel comfortable learning chess basics, making new connections, and meeting new players.

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Featured in...

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In addition to storytelling, my work spans children’s stories, short plays, commercial copy, and production with revues at Second City, The Plumber’s Union, and NEIU (Northeastern Illinois University). Additional services include Voice-over/commercials, spoken word, and motivational speaking. Collaborative partnerships with the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, CPS (Chicago Public Schools), and Afterschool Enrichment Solutions. AMS credentials-Elementary I. 

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Erin Shakoor (Design Principal)

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"Success! I saw it all last night! THIS ONE RIGHT HERE, is the Truth.
Your timing, command, energy, and connection were yummy & powerful.
I love you and cannot wait to witness more greatness!"


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